Villa Cantik - Outdoor living after sunset


Villa Cantik’s welcoming team of staff are dedicated to making your stay as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Inform the villa manager of your preferred level of staff presence (for example, at meal times only, or on hand to serve snacks and drinks throughout the day). Service is then tailored to meet your needs.

Villa Cantik - Stunning hallway
Villa manager

Villa Cantik’s friendly manager oversees the operation of the villa, coordinates staff and assists guests during their stay.   


The butlers also act as cooks and are able to prepare a range of local and international dishes. They are in charge of grocery shopping and the preparation of all guest meals, and will accommodate special requests. 

Villa attendants

Villa butlers clean and tidy daily, and are trained to provide quality service at meal times.

Garden & pool

A groundskeeper services the villa’s lush gardens and swimming pools.


Security staff are stationed at the villa complex 24-hours a day.

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